Discover What Your Customer Thinks

Discover What Your Customer Thinks


No two farmers are the same. Each customer has specific values, goals and needs, which makes it challenging to successfully serve them. But, don’t worryMike Gunderson. Results from the 2013 Large Commercial Producer Project (LCP) will help you navigate the attitudes underlying producer buying behavior. You can use this information to craft marketing and sales strategies and establish deeper relationships with your customers.


The LCP is a nationwide survey conducted every five years by the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University. The 2013 survey focused on corn/soybean, wheat/barley, cotton, fruit/nut/vegetables, dairy, hog and cattle producers across the United States and features results from nearly 1,700 commercial farmers and ranchers. Now in its fifth cycle, the survey also tracks changes in producer behavior over time.


Watch Mike Gunderson, associate director of research for the center, discuss how your company can use the LCP data to better serve your farmer customers.

Want to see the results? There are two ways.
1. Themes Report

There’s no need for you to sort through the 400,000 data points from the 2013 LCP survey. Get a quick overview and insights from four main themes the center’s research team observed from the data — information and the salesperson, loyalty, buying preferences and producer strategy. By understanding the team’s experience and process, you can build on the researchers’ efforts, find important insights about your customers and identify implications the survey has for you and your organization.


Investment: $50


Read the executive summary (pdf)


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2. Data Set

If you want a more detailed look at producer attitudes and behaviors, you can access this collection of more than 400 data slides. The data set looks at each survey question and slices the results by farm size, enterprise, age, education and gross farm sales.


The questions and results are divided into these four key areas:

  • Farmer decision making – what they care about
  • Information sources – who they listen to and what media they use
  • Farmer buying process – what they want and why it’s important
  • Loyalty – what it would take for them to switch dealers and brands

Investment: $1,000


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Questions? Access the Experts

If you have questions about the survey or results, e-mail the faculty experts at the Center for Food and Agricultural Business.

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